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Texas Instruments Ba II Plus Pro eBay Hi I am trying to calculate the yield to maturity for a bond, can't really fure out how to do it with the above mentioned calculator. Input as follows, PV = 900 (issuer recieves the funds) FV = -1000 (Issuer pays back bond holder) P/Y= 2 (semi Annual Payments) P = -40 (Bond issuer is paying this to the bond holder) N = 10 (5years*2payments per year) CPT I/Y= 10.63% The after tax cost is 10.63*(1-0.38) = 6.59 The reading has found the semi annual yeild first and multiplied by two(this is the bond equivalent yeild) look on page 424 reading 68 for a description on this Hi, thanks a lot. This Texas Instruments BA II Plus calculator has an easy-to-read 10-dit display with hh-quality firm-touch. Includes owner's manual which is really.

Ba ii plus professional emulator I am do everything I see here but can not seem to get the hang of getting used to this calculator (which I know I need to master). The BA II Plus BA Financial Calculator Pro 2.0 -. BA Financial Calculator Pro best emulates Texas Instruments BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL manual.

Ti Ba Ii Free Here is the question from reading 45 FV = 1000, P = 40, N = 10, PV = 900 Solve for YTM How would you do that with the Texas Instruments calculator? They have calcluated the semi annual cost first and then used the bond equivalent basis method to obtain the annual. My problem was that I didn't distinguised between cash in/out-flows and thus the calculator always prompted an error. I am in the same area of review and just switched over to the TI Ba 2 Plus. May 5 Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator w Manual Brier Texas Instruments BA ii Plus Professional Calculator for saleSealed, comes with.

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS BA II PLUS FINANCIAL CALCULATOR MANUAL Tried to follow the manual but I still get a wrong number... Hi, Are you after the question to solve for the cost of capital of a company issuing a bond? This questions was more a mechanical questions how to enter everything in the calculator. Another dialog box appeared telling us that an texas instruments ba ii plus financial calculator manual folder was successfully. them for .50 to other.

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