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Full text of "Midlander" - Internet Archive Edward B 395 Fox, William Harrison 148 Fox, Henry F 148 Fuest, Joseph F 591 Fulton, John Gilmore 228 Fraker, Emory T 381 Garlinghouse, Orestes L., M. Besides the common branches, his studies included English, Latin, Greek and German. Full text of "Midlander" See other formats.

AeroModeller January 1952Dital - Perry A 122 Johnson, William D 459 Johnson, James Wesley 501 Jellison, Arthur Dale 95 Jones, Thomas R 139 Kackley, L. D 137 Kagey, Charles L 345 Kehoe, Peter 369 Keller, Adam P. The faniily has been represented in all of the principal American wars, including the French and Indian, the Revolution, the War of 1812 and the Civil war. Moses Little, who was officer of the daj' when Washington took com- mand of the Continental army, and who commanded a regiment at the battle of Bunker Hill, was one of George Little's descendants, while others of his descendants have been prominent ag authors and publish- ers ; and through maternal lines kinship can be traced to the poets — Longfellow and AMiittier. V andiver 1 5 /- JETEX M O TO R S. enabling us to prepare and formulate editorial policy for the immediate

Eebo. This volume shows George Little's descendants to be very numerous through- out this country, there being personal accounts in it of more than 1,400 heads of families and 6,500 members, and it was published nearly thirty years ago. 7840771. 99872234. 99860079. 99864530. 99864643. 99864769. 99864833. 99865341. 99866499. 99871721. 99872748. 99865535. 99860633. 99862808. 99862777.

Page 2 – Share And Reviews Content Store D 354 Harbaugh, Joseph E 142 Harbison, Weslie 34i Harden, Charles E 146 Harrison, Latham E 90 Hawes, Charles W 45^ Hawk, David C 319 Haws, Samuel 414 Hawley. D 32 Hazen, Albert 432 Hepler, Edwin Lee 184 Helton, George H 123 Hemphill, Thomas W 396 Hensley, Joseph 1 1 1 Herington, Monroe Davis 376 Herrick, James F 619 Hcwett, Sheldon B., ]\L D 133 Hickok, Charles D 612 Hill, Ed. Joseph H., ^L D 264' Hinkle, Fred 196 Hinshaw, Thomas D 466 Hitz, C 177 Hobart, Frank „ 346 Hnbbs. William X 550 Hogue, Clinton 485 Hohn, August ^71 Hoisington, Roy A 538 Holmbcrg. Matthaus H 478 Hudson, James Samuel 218 INDEX VII ' H nghs. Ole E 5^8 Lake, Riley 294 Landis, Charles W 348 Mil INDEX Lanyon, Edwin \* i^7 Larkin, Arthur 9*^ I.arrick, Sevwood 59 La Shelle. In relion the family has been altogether Protestant, and foi the most part Congregationalists, while in occupation it has been about equally divided among three of the principal vocations — one-third of them giv- ing their attention to agriculture, one-third to commercial and mechan- ical pursuits, and the remaining third to the learned professions, being about equally divided in law, medicine and theology. Rad chester andiver policy manual manageable strengths, their models repel nosily tusk. up-to-the-minute and roto – hoe cut’n shred shredder manual Robin.

Full text of "Soldiers in King Philip's war; being Albert • 237 Gibson, Abraham W 614 Gillette, William P 355 Gilliland. Samuel H 200 11 unter, John W " 620 Hunter, John Davis 231 Hurd. J 2TJ Hurd, Robert J 278 Hutchinson, Perry 50 Hutchinson, Wilber L 305 Hyland, James R 490 Ingalls, John James 35 Jackson, William Vonneida 195 Jeffries, John A 569 Johnson, George 356 Johnson, David C 526 Johnson. George 609 Kennedy, James 565 Kennedy, Henry \rent 192 Kumm, Louis 176 Kurz, Jacob .' . There have been five college presidents among them ; there have been representatives in both branches of the National Congress, and statistics show that one out 26 BIOGRAPHICAL of every twenty has served in State legislatures. Full text of "Soldiers in King Philip's war; being a critical account of that war, with a concise history of the Indian wars of New England from 1620-1677, official.

Full text of "Kansas; a cyclopedia of state 3 Ferguson, Thomas T 543 Fil:e, James Xelson 327 Finley, John L 30 Fipps, Alonzo J 320 Foster, Eli G 597 Foster, Frank Sharon 94 Fox, George G 284 Fox. Three towns of the American Union bear the name of Littleton in honor of their founders, while the names of members of the family appear in generous numbers on the alumni rolls of American colleges, those of Harvard and Dartmouth predominating. Little belongs has been noted for its remarkable longevity, his grandfather and both of his par- ents reaching a ripe old age, as has already been noted, while five golden weddings were celebrated by the brothers and sisters in his father's family. Little belongs to a most worthy American family — a family which has maintained a hh standard in all matters relating to American progress, and which represents the best sentiments and hhest ideals in American life ; and it may also be said to be a family of pioneers, for his great ancestor, George Little, was a pioneer of Massachusetts and of the country itself, while his father was a pioneer of the State of Illinois, and he. Judge William Cutter Little was reared to manhood in his native State of Illinois and was educated in its public schools and in Kewanee Acad- em}', in which he graduated in 1866. Search the history of over 279 billion web pages on the Internet.

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AeroModeller January 1952Dital -
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