Swan slow cooker p62 user manual

<strong>Swan</strong> SF17030N <strong>Slow</strong> <strong>Cooker</strong> - 6.5 L, Stainless Steel.

Swan SF17030N Slow Cooker - 6.5 L, Stainless Steel. A friend has given me her unused Swan Slow Cooker which has a Slow, Hh & Auto setting, but unfortunately she's lost the instruction manual. I have a Breville here is a couple of examples Beef Goulash Low 6-8 hours Hh 3-4 Auto 8-9 that is with stewing steak Chilli made with mince L 6 H 3 A 8 Hope this helps , I tend to use whatever time I have sometimes it is longer and I have has no diasters, Just remember to boil beans before using in slow cooker or use tinned and you will be ok Thanks Gilly. Swan SF17030N Slow Cooker - 6.5 L, Stainless. Amazon Protect does not cover products purchased for business/commercial use and only covers products purchased on.

How do I use my <u>Swan</u> auto <u>slow</u> <u>cooker</u> <u>P62</u> - no instruction.

How do I use my Swan auto slow cooker P62 - no instruction. If you need recipes, just try googling "slow cooker recipes" or "crock pot recipes". I've inherited a Swan slow cooker without an instruction manual. I'm not sure what do as I cant find the manufacturers website or manual online. Do I.

<b>SWAN</b> - Falk Feddersen

SWAN - Falk Feddersen I tried the web link to spare2go and contacted them. SWAN USER MANUAL SWAN Cycle III version 40.51. SWAN USER MANUAL by The SWAN team. This User Manual describes the complete input and usage of the SWAN package.

Swan slow cooker p62 user manual:

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