Laura star steam max manual

Instruction manual Magic Evolution II/Premium. - Issuu The granules and anti-scale cartridges help prolong the life span of your Laurastar. Instruction manual Magic Evolution II/Premium Evolution II, Author Laurastar. This system uses steam and heat. max. 200C, 290F Medium.

Laurastar - Ironing systems with a professional Please note that if you are equipped with a water softener at home, your Laurastar products will also benefit from the granules and anti-scale cartridges. Laurastar – Discover our ironing systems and steam stations with an exclusive professional iron.

Laurastar Steam Iron STEAMAX-G Appliances Online Granules and anti-scale cartridges can be purchased on Laurastar’s online store and in selected Laurastar partner stores. Enjoy legendary service when you buy the Laurastar Steam Iron STEAMAX-G2 from Appliances Online! Free metro delivery available. Free, next day delivery*

Instruction <u>manual</u> Magic Evolution II/Premium. - Issuu
Laurastar - Ironing systems with a professional
Laurastar <u>Steam</u> Iron <u>STEAMAX</u>-G Appliances Online
Laurastar S4a - ironing system
Frequently asked questions about Laurastar ironing
Care and maintenance for your Laurastar iron

Laura star steam max manual:

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